These dates are in the past – the conference programme is provided here for reference

Thursday 2nd March-Wednesday 22nd March 2023:

Asynchronous Online Conversations

All speakers and conference attendees were welcome to take part in the asynchronous online conversations. See a record of the conversations:

Asynchronous Conversations

Thursday 23rd March 2023

1.30pm-1.45pm: Welcome and opening remarks

1.45pm-3.15pm: Narratives of the more-than-human across languages and sound/waves

Chair: Annie de Saussure

Annie de Saussure (Lafayette College), ‘Sound ecologies: radio and eco-cultural consciousness in the work of Yann Paranthoën’

Armelle Blin-Rolland (Bangor University), ‘Of flesh, soil and sea: animal and algal narratives of factory farming in Brittany and beyond’

Ana Carballal Gonzalez (University of Nebraska Omaha), ‘Chapapote: a story of environmental ruin and energy renewal on the anniversary of the Prestige oil spill’

3.15pm-4pm: break

4-5pm: ‘Récits des vivants / More-than-human narratives’ online seminar series: Fatima Ouassak (political scientist, author, activist), ‘Pour une écologie pirate / For a pirate ecology’

Chair: Armelle Blin-Rolland

The talk and discussion will be in French with simultaneous English translation.

Friday 24th March 2023

10.30am-11.30am: New methodologies for EcoModLang pedagogies

Martina Jauch (Tier University of Applied Sciences), ‘Teaching and translating environmental crises in the language classroom’

Lourdes Parra Lazcano (University of Aberdeen), ‘Approaching plant-texts using diffractive practices’

11.30am-12pm: break

12pm-1pm: Rethinking Modern Languages in times of crisis

Geraldine Lublin (Swansea University), ‘Recycling+: environment and global citizenship in the new curriculum for Wales’

Olga Gomez (Lancaster University), ‘Student international mobility in the climate emergency’

1pm-2.00pm: break

2.00pm-3pm: EcoModLang workshop 1

EcoModLang in the classroom: sharing resources, methodologies and practices

3pm-3.30pm: break

3.30pm-5.30pm: Paths towards meaningful sustainability in Modern Languages education

Giuliano Migliori (The Ohio State University), ‘Teaching Italian econarratives: approaches and methodologies’

Jessica Miller (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire), ‘Teaching with open educational resources to promote proficiency and environmental awareness’

Julia Ludewig (Allegheny College), ‘Undisciplining Modern Languages: ideas using Erich Fromm’s Biophilia

Erin Edgington (University of Nevada, Reno), ‘Teaching Modern Languages at Lake Tahoe: site-informed curriculum and program development’

Saturday 25th March 2023

10am-11am: Fostering more-than-human well-being and environmental awareness across languages

Katyayani Shukla (Indira Gandhi National Tribal University), ‘Atharva Veda: a discourse on environment, food, health and well-being across societies’

Clarisa Novello (University of Limerick / University of Aberdeen) and Anne Nospickel (University of Limerick), ‘Climate literature and ecocriticism in the MFL classroom’

11am-11.30am: break

11.30am-12.30pm: ‘Ecocritical approaches to women’s poetry in French and Italian circa 1800–2000’

a workshop designed and convened by Daniel Finch-Race (University of Bologna) and Valentina Gosetti (University of New England, Sydney)

12.30pm-1.30pm: break

1.30pm-2.30pm: EcoModLang workshop 2

Languages and environments: building a multilingual lexicon

2.30-2.45pm: break

2.45pm-4.15pm: Narratives of the more-than-human across languages, media and space(s)

Chair: Anne Cirella-Urrutia

Martín Veiga (University College Cork), ‘Galician and Irish ecopoetry in translation: integrating research and creative practices’

Nathaniel McBride (The Ohio State University), ‘The comic way in Spanish postwar film: pacifism, humanism, and feminism in Mare Nostrum

Anne Cirella-Urrutia (Huston-Tillotson University, Austin TX), ‘Translating urban changes in two French graphic novels for the youth: the cases of Jeanne de la zone (2014) by Étienne Davodeau & Frédérique Jacquet and Jules des Chantiers (2009) by Sébastien Vassant & Frédérique Jacquet’

4.15-4.45pm: break

4.45pm-5.45pm: Postcolonial multilingual environments

Samira Hassa (Manhattan College, New York), ‘Languages of Morocco and campaigns to reduce the use of plastic’

Shelley Garrigan (North Carolina State University), ‘From praxis to production: the symbolic displacements of linguistic patrimony in Mexico’s 19th century’

5.45pm: Concluding remarks and next steps