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Thursday 2nd March-Wednesday 22nd March:

Asynchronous Online Conversations

Speakers will be automatically added to the conversations. If you are attending the conference but not presenting, you are more than welcome to take part in the asynchronous online conversations if you would like to – just let us know at

Thursday 23rd March

1.30pm-1.45pm: Welcome and opening remarks

1.45pm-3.15pm: Narratives of the more-than-human across languages and sound/waves

Chair: Annie de Saussure

Annie de Saussure (Lafayette College), ‘Sound ecologies: radio and eco-cultural consciousness in the work of Yann Paranthoën’

Armelle Blin-Rolland (Bangor University), ‘Of flesh, soil and sea: animal and algal narratives of factory farming in Brittany and beyond’

Ana Carballal Gonzalez (University of Nebraska Omaha), ‘Chapapote: a story of environmental ruin and energy renewal on the anniversary of the Prestige oil spill’

3.15pm-4pm: break

4-5pm: ‘Récits des vivants / More-than-human narratives’ online seminar series: Fatima Ouassak (political scientist, author, activist), ‘Pour une écologie pirate / For a pirate ecology’

Chair: Armelle Blin-Rolland

The talk and discussion will be in French with simultaneous English translation.

Friday 24th March

10.30am-11.30am: New methodologies for EcoModLang pedagogies

Martina Jauch (Tier University of Applied Sciences), ‘Teaching and translating environmental crises in the language classroom’

Lourdes Parra Lazcano (University of Aberdeen), ‘Approaching plant-texts using diffractive practices’

11.30am-12pm: break

12pm-1pm: Rethinking Modern Languages in times of crisis

Geraldine Lublin (Swansea University), ‘Recycling+: environment and global citizenship in the new curriculum for Wales’

Olga Gomez (Lancaster University), ‘Student international mobility in the climate emergency’

1pm-2.00pm: break

2.00pm-3pm: EcoModLang workshop 1

EcoModLang in the classroom: sharing resources, methodologies and practices

3pm-3.30pm: break

3.30pm-5.30pm: Paths towards meaningful sustainability in Modern Languages education

Giuliano Migliori (The Ohio State University), ‘Teaching Italian econarratives: approaches and methodologies’

Jessica Miller (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire), ‘Teaching with open educational resources to promote proficiency and environmental awareness’

Julia Ludewig (Allegheny College), ‘Undisciplining Modern Languages: ideas using Erich Fromm’s Biophilia

Erin Edgington (University of Nevada, Reno), ‘Teaching Modern Languages at Lake Tahoe: site-informed curriculum and program development’

Saturday 25th March

10am-11am: Fostering more-than-human well-being and environmental awareness across languages

Katyayani Shukla (Indira Gandhi National Tribal University), ‘Atharva Veda: a discourse on environment, food, health and well-being across societies’

Clarisa Novello (University of Limerick / University of Aberdeen) and Anne Nospickel (University of Limerick), ‘Climate literature and ecocriticism in the MFL classroom’

11am-11.30am: break

11.30am-12.30pm: ‘Ecocritical approaches to women’s poetry in French and Italian circa 1800–2000’

a workshop designed and convened by Daniel Finch-Race (University of Bologna) and Valentina Gosetti (University of New England, Sydney)

12.30pm-1.30pm: break

1.30pm-2.30pm: EcoModLang workshop 2

Languages and environments: building a multilingual lexicon

2.30-2.45pm: break

2.45pm-4.15pm: Narratives of the more-than-human across languages, media and space(s)

Chair: Anne Cirella-Urrutia

Martín Veiga (University College Cork), ‘Galician and Irish ecopoetry in translation: integrating research and creative practices’

Nathaniel McBride (The Ohio State University), ‘The comic way in Spanish postwar film: pacifism, humanism, and feminism in Mare Nostrum

Anne Cirella-Urrutia (Huston-Tillotson University, Austin TX), ‘Translating urban changes in two French graphic novels for the youth: the cases of Jeanne de la zone (2014) by Étienne Davodeau & Frédérique Jacquet and Jules des Chantiers (2009) by Sébastien Vassant & Frédérique Jacquet’

4.15-4.45pm: break

4.45pm-5.45pm: Postcolonial multilingual environments

Samira Hassa (Manhattan College, New York), ‘Languages of Morocco and campaigns to reduce the use of plastic’

Shelley Garrigan (North Carolina State University), ‘From praxis to production: the symbolic displacements of linguistic patrimony in Mexico’s 19th century’

5.45pm: Concluding remarks and next steps