Asynchronous Conversations

In the run-up to and during the Greening Modern Languages Research and Teaching conference, we held asynchronous ‘slow conversations’, each related to one of the key aims of the conference:

  • to collaboratively build a multilingual lexicon of environmental keywords across cultures
  • to share pedagogical practices and resources for developing ecological awareness in conjunction with linguistic and cultural diversity
  • and to reflect together on the place of Environmental Modern Languages in collective action towards environmental sustainability and justice

The idea was for participants in the conference to engage with these conversations at their own pace and in their own time. The asynchronous conversations then fed into the workshops that took place as part of the conference.

The conversations took place using Padlet, and we are truly grateful to all participants. Please see below the conference conversations as a record of the process.

Made with Padlet

View the asynchronous conversations that took place in spring 2023 directly on Padlet: