Ana Carballal Gonzalez

Dr. Ana Carballal is a Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Nebraska. She wrote the book What Makes Galicia a Nation? Postcolonialism and Subalternity in Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao and she is in the process of publishing Emigration and Globalization in the Works of Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao. She published numerous articles in some of the most prestigious academic journals, among them, Journal of Feminist, Gender and Women Studies, RMMLA, Teacher Education Quarterly, and Letras Hispanas.

S-O-S/SÓS Mayday/Alone


The O.E.D. defines the acronym S-O-S as ‘The international radio code-signal of extreme distress, used esp. by ships at sea’. However, in the book Chapapote (‘Tar’ 2022), Galician writer Manuel Rivas analyses some of the symbols related to Galicia’s nature and environmentalism concerning the Prestige and other maritime disasters. He focuses on the words ‘Mayday’ […]

Nunca máis Never again


‘Nunca máis’ (‘Never Again’) was a social movement and platform created in 2002, a few days after the sinking of the Prestige ship off the Galician coast. This organization has since brought together the citizen response to the ecological disaster and management carried out by the various responsible governments. According to the platform website, the […]

Chapapote tar


The book Chapapote was published in November 2022 in remembrance of the most devastating environmental catastrophe in Galicia’s history. On November 13th, 2002, the oil tanker Prestige burst a tank, spilling 60,0000 tons of fuel oil and polluting 1429 miles of coastline, causing the almost annihilation of the fishing industry and killing thousands of animals. […]