Resources in Language: Breton

Brittany in Graphic Narrative: Language and Environment in Text and Image


This lecture and seminar were designed for the MFL Student Mentoring: Post-16 Languages Recovery Project in Wales, UK. The aim was to give post-16 learners a taste of language learning at university, and the resources can be adapted to learners at B1, B2 and C1 levels, or even at beginners’ level, as English translations of […]

Plougoñ / Plogoff


Plougoñ / Plogoff: the name of this commune in the Penn-ar-bed / Finistère department in northwestern Brittany has become a symbol of the anti-nuclear struggle and an important reference in Brittany as the emblematic struggle of ‘des pierres contre des fusils’ [stones against rifles], as encapsulated in the title of Nicole Le Garrec’s 1980 documentary […]