Audrey Evrard

Audrey Evrard is Associate Professor of French at Fordham University. She specializes in French screen studies, focusing primarily on the intersection between aesthetics, politics, and ethics in French and Francophone cinema. She is the author of Precarious Sociality, Ethics and Politics: French Documentary Cinema in the Early 21st Century (University of Wales Press, 2022), and her articles on French documentary cinema and TV dramas have appeared in various journals, including French Screen Studies, Jump Cut, Modern and Contemporary France, and Nottingham French Studies.

effondrement / collapsologie collapse / collapsology


The neologism collapsologie first entered the public discourse in France in 2015 with the publication of Comment tout peut s’effondrer? Petit manuel de collapsologie à l’usage des générations présentes. Co-authors Pablo Servigne, an agronomist and biologist by training, and Raphaël Stevens, an independent researcher and eco-adviser, aimed at ‘giv[ing] meaning to events’, intensifying social ‘crises’, […]