Olga Gomez-Cash

Olga Gomez-Cash (o.gomez@lancaster.ac.uk) is a languages teacher at Lancaster University and has worked at a range of universities and roles over the years that focus on supporting students’ personal development and building a coherent and effective identity for languages. These roles include Study Abroad Advisor, Admissions Tutor, Head of Department, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Associate Dean for Education. Olga is on the University Council For Languages Steering Group and was on the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education’s Advisory Group for the review the 2023 Languages, Cultures and Societies Benchmark Statement. She is her faculty’s lead on sustainability and the institutional academic champion on a student mental health project.

Rethinking student international mobility in the climate emergency – some pointers


The roots of mobile study-related phenomena run deep into our cultural myths and histories. Backed by evidence of the linguistic and cultural advantages it delivers, study abroad has become core both to second language acquisition, and to higher education internationalization policies across the world. These benefits make us reluctant to consider its environmental impacts but there […]