German literature course (C1) on Andreas Wagner’s novel Jahresringe


This folder contains the syllabus and material used in a German literature class on the contemporary novel Jahresringe (2020) by German author Andreas Wagner. Dealing with themes such as home, migration and climate justice, the novel links highly topical issues that nurture critical thinking and global citizenship education. The syllabus is designed for a class that takes place once a week over the duration of a term (i.e. 12 contact hours), although this can be amended, e.g. if only excerpts of the novel are studied and discussed.

The material is aimed at advanced students of German and set at CEFR level C1.

Resources are available both in PDF and Word formats.


Anne Nospickel

Anne Nospickel has been working as DAAD-Lektorin in the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics at the University of Limerick since 2019. Having a background in Education and Philosophy and being a member of the department’s and the university’s Sustainability Working Groups, Anne has incorporated environmental topics into her teaching and designed and taught a literature class on the novel Jahresringe (2020) by Andreas Wagner. Anne firmly believes that the Humanities, including Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, play an important role in terms of climate communication and addressing climate (in)justice.