Resources of Type: syllabus

Environmental Italy. Power, Beauty, and the Apocalypse


Italian 4224: Survey of Italian Literature. “Environmental Italy. Power, Beauty, and the Apocalypse” is a BA-level upper-division course in modern and contemporary Italian environmental humanities and literature, transmedia languages on eco-crises, images of the Grand Tour, and pandemic storytelling. It is mainly intended for Italian majors/minors with a strong foundation in grammar and lexical structures, […]

Environment, Ecology, and Economies: Conversations about Climate Change in English


This resource provides materials on Environmental English that have emerged out of a Bachelor’s course on sustainable digitalization. The course combines a detailed language instruction course that is offered to German students who study technical and business-related English. Within this seminar, students will be able to combine a study of environmental topics (either Bachelor’s or […]

German literature course (C1) on Andreas Wagner’s novel Jahresringe


This folder contains the syllabus and material used in a German literature class on the contemporary novel Jahresringe (2020) by German author Andreas Wagner. Dealing with themes such as home, migration and climate justice, the novel links highly topical issues that nurture critical thinking and global citizenship education. The syllabus is designed for a class […]