David Miranda-Barreiro

David Miranda-Barreiro (Bangor University) is Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, and co-editor of Galicia 21: Journal of Contemporary Galician Studies. His main research focuses on literary and filmic accounts of Spanish and Galician travel, migration and exile. He is also working on graphic biographies of Galician intellectuals and Galician comics more broadly.

ORCID number: 0000-0003-2424-4061

Galician New York: a Cultural History (website): https://newyork.gal/en/

terra land, soil priscilianismo (Priscilianism), monte veciñal en mán común (common hand community land)


The natural landscape and the terra (land) have played a key role in the articulation of Galician national and cultural identity since the late nineteenth century (López Sande 2008; Domingues 2009; Pérez Moreira 2010). Rosalía de Castro’s poetry collection Cantares gallegos [Galician Songs] (1863), a major text in the revival of the Galician language, began […]