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Nuclear France, French nuclear imperialism, and Algerian and Polynesian decolonial anti-nuclear visual arts


This lecture and seminar were designed as part of the Francophone strand of the co-taught final year module ‘Languages and Ecologies’ for students of Modern Languages (French, Spanish, German and Italian). The module introduces students to the field of Environmental Humanities through a transnational and interdisciplinary approach. It focuses on the French-, Hispanic-, Italian- and […]

Brittany in Graphic Narrative: Language and Environment in Text and Image


This lecture and seminar were designed for the MFL Student Mentoring: Post-16 Languages Recovery Project in Wales, UK. The aim was to give post-16 learners a taste of language learning at university, and the resources can be adapted to learners at B1, B2 and C1 levels, or even at beginners’ level, as English translations of […]

Environment, Ecology, and Economies: Conversations about Climate Change in English


This resource provides materials on Environmental English that have emerged out of a Bachelor’s course on sustainable digitalization. The course combines a detailed language instruction course that is offered to German students who study technical and business-related English. Within this seminar, students will be able to combine a study of environmental topics (either Bachelor’s or […]