Giuliano Migliori

Giuliano Migliori Ph.D. is a Senior Italian Lecturer at The Ohio State University where he has taught several courses on Italian literature and cinema, Italian-American crime fiction, and Environmental Humanities. His main research focuses on phenomenology and identity forms, embodied literature, corporeal studies, ecocriticism, and affect theories.

His works have been featured in L’Avventura. International Journal of Italian Film and Media Landscapes, in the volume Scrivere l’orrore on the Holocaust, and in Basilicata and Southern Italy between Film and Ecologies on the reframing of Italian eco-South. His short stories have appeared on the bilingual magazine, Agua del Pozo/Waters of the well.

Research Presentation on Environmental Humanities and Italy


This activity is meant to challenge students in identifying, researching, and delivering a group effort presentation on an Italian contemporary econarratives or environmental issue. It has a two-fold structure: a written document to assess their writing skills in the target language and their acquisition of new lexicon and linguistic nuances to discuss EH topics and […]

Environmental Italy. Power, Beauty, and the Apocalypse


Italian 4224: Survey of Italian Literature. “Environmental Italy. Power, Beauty, and the Apocalypse” is a BA-level upper-division course in modern and contemporary Italian environmental humanities and literature, transmedia languages on eco-crises, images of the Grand Tour, and pandemic storytelling. It is mainly intended for Italian majors/minors with a strong foundation in grammar and lexical structures, […]

Città Continua Continuous City


The concept ‘Città Continua’ (continuous city) denotes metaphorically both the socio-economic and psychological mechanisms of production, distribution, and consumption of goods, matters, and objects. As a perennial and numbing vortex, it may occur more systematically in an urban sphere, centered around the idea of modern cityscape. It is predicated on the not-so-imaginary idea that a […]



The expression Ecomafia is meant to define a systemic variety of illicit practices, actions, and socio-economic activities that endangers the health of a community and its environment. It is strongly associated with the hidden interests and profitable industries that organized crime syndicates have managed (or still are) on a specific territory through their influence and […]

Paesologia Placeology or Paesology


Paesologia has been adopted as a word-image to define a discourse on the role of small villages (paesi) in relation with human codification of communal spaces and idea of being present. It denotes one of the most compelling features of contemporary Italian ecopoetics and ecoaffect narratology trends and is particularly associated with issues of depopulation […]