Brittany in Graphic Narrative: Language and Environment in Text and Image


This lecture and seminar were designed for the MFL Student Mentoring: Post-16 Languages Recovery Project in Wales, UK. The aim was to give post-16 learners a taste of language learning at university, and the resources can be adapted to learners at B1, B2 and C1 levels, or even at beginners’ level, as English translations of the comics are provided. The session focuses on language and environmental issues in Brittany as a minoritized culture and how this is explored through text and image in contemporary comics. The pre-recorded lecture gives students an introduction to the medium of comics and its importance in Brittany. It looks at the representation of Brittany in text and image since the start of the twentieth century: from early clichés, to their subversion, and the importance that comics hold in contemporary Breton culture today. The seminar worksheet provides questions to guide students’ engagement with the excerpts from two comics, Le Cheval d’orgueil by Marc Lizano and Bertrand Galic and Anjela by Christelle Le Guen, which is bilingual Breton-French and was published by the association Mignoned Anjela. The aim is to explore different ways that comics can help us think about two important issues for Brittany as a culture and as a territory: the relationship between the Breton and French languages, and the relationship between humans and the environment.


Video of seminar slides with narration