Armelle Blin-Rolland

Armelle Blin-Rolland is Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies at Prifysgol Bangor / Bangor University. Her research specialisms include French and Francophone ecocriticism and environmental humanities, with a focus on environmental violence and justice; bande dessinée and text-image studies; adaptation and intermediality; and representations of Brittany in comic art from postcolonial and ecofeminist perspectives. Her current research project investigates the relationship between environment, space and narrative in contemporary France, with a focus on sites of violence.

The animal condition in the French language classroom


This French language seminar on the animal condition is designed for learners at B2 level. It consists of a translation exercise, general discussion on the topic, and group work. It is designed to develop students’ written and spoken language skills in conjunction with their awareness and understanding of animal rights issues, in fostering their communication, […]

Brittany in Graphic Narrative: Language and Environment in Text and Image


This lecture and seminar were designed for the MFL Student Mentoring: Post-16 Languages Recovery Project in Wales, UK. The aim was to give post-16 learners a taste of language learning at university, and the resources can be adapted to learners at B1, B2 and C1 levels, or even at beginners’ level, as English translations of […]

Zone à défendre / zad zone to defend


‘We are not defending nature, we are nature defending itself’: from Indigenous-led environmental justice action to Extinction Rebellion, this sentence resonates as a mission statement for activists for whom human beings are not at the centre of, not apart from, but a part of the environment, and who rise and fight against the ecocidal colonial-capitalist […]

Terre land, earth, soil


Nous nous soulevons, chacun.e depuis notre endroit, chacun.e à notre manière. Le mouvement des Soulèvements de la Terre ne peut pas être dissout car il est multiple et vivant. On ne dissout pas un mouvement, on ne dissout pas une révolte. We are rising, each from their own place, each in their own way. The […]

hors-sol aboveground, outside the soil


Factory farming must end. This is the message and aim of the Brittany-based collective against factory farms and for a territorialised agriculture. The collective was formed in 2021, shortly after the legal victory against the plan to build an industrial chicken coop to breed 120 000 chickens in Langoëlan, and at a stage where the […]

Plougoñ / Plogoff


Plougoñ / Plogoff: the name of this commune in the Penn-ar-bed / Finistère department in northwestern Brittany has become a symbol of the anti-nuclear struggle and an important reference in Brittany as the emblematic struggle of ‘des pierres contre des fusils’ [stones against rifles], as encapsulated in the title of Nicole Le Garrec’s 1980 documentary […]