Martina Jauch

After studying at the University of Mannheim (Germany), UNC Chapel Hill (USA) for my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, I received my Doctorate Degree from Purdue University (USA) in Comparative Literature. I have been a full-time permanent lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences – Environmental Campus Birkenfeld in Trier (Germany) since 2010, where I am teaching English for Academic Purposes, Intercultural and Communication Seminars, and Digitalization and Environmental Studies Courses. I am currently researching on digitalization, language teaching and environmental narration and have attended the Cornell School of Criticism and Theory, Deleuze Conferences, and numerous conferences at Harvard, Yale, Cologne, London, Mexico City, and Italy.

Umweltbildung / Umweltbewusstsein / Umwelterziehung environmental education / environmental consciousness / environmental pedagogy


Umweltbildung deals with the environment and its value as a foundation for the life of human beings with each other. It presumes reciprocal relationships at its center and thus attempts to get from the acquisition of a basic environment-related knowledge to an understanding for eco-social connections in a value-based manner.i This education fosters competences to […]

Umwelt / Natur / Mitwelt / Nachhaltigkeit environment / nature / common world / sustainability


Natur and Umwelt are highly contested terms in German history and criticism, with both having numerous meanings, often being used interchangeably in daily and political life, and causing difficulty to then interpret environmental texts. Umwelt (translated as environment, most of the time) is usually used to describe the conditions of life surrounding human beings, for […]

Umweltschutz / Naturschutz / Klimaschutz environmental protection / nature protection / climate protection


Nachhaltigkeit (sustainability) itself is not the same as Umweltschutz (environmental protection), as Umweltschutz is a vital aspect of sustainability but more diverse. Sustainable development is a development that meets today’s generations needs without endangering the potential of future generations (UN World Commission for Environment and Development, 1987). It often comes down to a compromise between […]

ökologische Rucksack / ökologische Fußabdruck ecological backpack, ecological rucksack, environmental backpack / ecological footprint


While the concept of an ecological backpack in German writing often tends to be equated into the English calculation of the ‘ecological footprint’, these are two different yet related concepts. The ecological footprint is calculated based on the theoretical territorial or geographical needs for a product or service and thus based on a footprint in […]

Environment, Ecology, and Economies: Conversations about Climate Change in English


This resource provides materials on Environmental English that have emerged out of a Bachelor’s course on sustainable digitalization. The course combines a detailed language instruction course that is offered to German students who study technical and business-related English. Within this seminar, students will be able to combine a study of environmental topics (either Bachelor’s or […]